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This blog is about fatherhood. Black fatherhood to be exact. But it's also about how no matter our race, gender, political affiliation (or whatever it is that can potentially separate us), good parents are all connected through parenthood. Our shared experiences are what bind us, not to mention our love of a good story.

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Please Donate to Malecare’s FatherDad Program

Malecare, the national prostate cancer support nonprofit, is the sponsoring nonprofit organization of the FatherDad African American parenting program. Literally 100% of your donation will go towards furthering our goal of empowering and promoting Fatherhood in our community. Keith Morton has volunteered for nearly four years to write this blog. Please help us take his work to the next level. Please be generous.



We are moving on up! Please continue to show the support that you have shown and African American Dad over the last six years as we shift to new real estate at my non-profit’s website. I am making one last push toward helping dads in general and black dads specifically and I hope you are still there for the cause. The new blog is at and the RSS feed is Let’s make it happen!

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